The Path to Customer Lifecycle Engagement

The Path to Customer Lifecycle Engagement

So… your company wants to be great at Sales Engagement.  Excellent! If you’re wondering how to get started and improve over time, check out The Four Stages of Sales Engagement Adoption. If you’re already an expert or wondering what the vision for what the best of the best can look like, read on! We hear from […]

The Four Stages of Sales Engagement Adoption

If you haven’t heard of Sales Engagement by now, it’s time to catch up. And quick!   In the world of B2B sales and marketing, CRM and Marketing Automation tools have become commonplace.  Problem is, these tools provide limited value to sales teams. Sales is the heart of all revenue-generating functions, so why can’t standard B2B […]

Picking the Right Tools for your Sales & Marketing Tech Stack

The new age of sales and marketing is here, and sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with all the latest tools.  There are so many options! How do you keep track of what’s most critical to your sales and marketing efforts? As anyone who’s been following the evolution of the MarTech map over the last […]

B2B Demand Generation: The Keys to Success

Demand generation is becoming more and more of a necessity for B2B businesses.  Buyers expect more from their vendors, and companies must adapt to deliver a seamless experience throughout the entire customer lifecycle (Thanks, Amazon!).  Before we dig into what companies should be thinking about when implementing demand generation strategies for their business, let’s level-set […]

Meet InStereo. (It’s about damn time…)

InStereo is a new consulting firm that brings a people-and-process-first, technology-second approach to customer experience and revenue generation. We believe that companies can effectively transform in today’s digital age only when there is a clear understanding of the customer, and a clear alignment of the people and process to deliver for that customer.