10 Things We’re Most Excited for at Rainmaker 2019

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Rainmaker is coming up in just a few short days and we can’t wait to be down in Atlanta for three days of learning, conversation, and fun! The conference has 100+ speakers, 1500+ attendees, and 40 workshops all centered around the sales engagement universe. Here are the 10 things we’re most excited about for #RainMaker19.

1 – Celebrate!

We can’t wait to see our customers and SalesLoft partners and to celebrate an amazing year of success over a beer or two. We will celebrate the hard work, passion, and achievements of all those we have been lucky enough to work with this past year. Being together will also allow us to reset, get inspired, and move forward into the future.

2 – Level Up Sessions on Monday

Don’t miss the Level Up workshops on Monday including our very own Bill Galfano talking about sales leadership and strategy. Bill will take a deep dive into buyer journeys and how to leverage SalesLoft as the platform of engagement that helps to deliver an exceptional buyer experience.

3 – SalesLoft Admin Certification

See the launch of the first ever SalesLoft admin certification. All of our customers now have the opportunity to become officially certified. Many of us have been using SalesLoft for sometime, and now we can make it official and flash that badge.

4 – Hear from Kyle Porter

We’re excited to hear the latest from SalesLoft CEO Kyle Porter. This has been a ground-breaking year for SalesLoft and as a partner it’s been a ground-breaking year for InStereo. We can’t wait to hear Kyle’s views on the sales engagement space and what’s to come from SalesLoft.

5 – Danny Meyer Keynote

On Tuesday, Union Square Hospitality Group CEO and Shake Shack founder, Danny Meyer, will be sharing his secrets to customer centricity. At InStereo we tailor all of our strategies around the concept of delivering exceptional buyer experiences, and we’re excited to hear from a true icon like Danny.

6 – Blues Traveler

The big Hook is we can’t wait to Run-Around with Blues Traveler on Tuesday night to celebrate with all of our customers, partners and friends. But anyway…

7 – Women of Rainmaker Breakfast

Wednesday morning is the Women of Rainmaker Breakfast. We’re excited to hear empowering stories of women in sales to kickstart the final day at Rainmaker. The panel will include women at different stages in there career sharing their journeys and adversity they have faced.

8 – SalesLoft Roadmap with Butler Raines

Don’t miss VP of Product, Butler Raines, share where SalesLoft is headed in the future. Hear about new enhancements that will be coming to the platform over the next year and how to get the best out of SalesLoft’s newest tech.

9 – How SalesLoft Sells

At a conference all about SalesLoft, why not hear how SalesLoft actually uses their own tool. They’re going to be pulling back the curtain on strategies, best practices, and how SalesLoft manages their own workflow.

10 – Colin O’Brady Keynote

Lastly, to end Rainmaker with a bang, world record holder Colin O’Brady takes the stage to talk goal setting and overcoming obstacles. Colin is a Pro Endurance Athlete who has set record paces hiking the highest mountains on all seven continents, and who recently completed the first unaided and unsupported solo crossing of the land mass of Antarctica. Nbd.

Come Join Us!

As you can see, this is going to be an exciting three days. Let’s connect out there. Give Bill Galfano a holler at bill.galfano@instereo.io or call at (612) 888-8978. Happy Lofting!

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